What is a Christian


A person who has been christened as a baby or confirmed as an adult?
A religious person who goes to church?
A person who helps others?
A person who has been brought up in a Christian home?
A person who doesn’t belong to any other religion?
Anyone who calls themselves a Christian?
...What does the Bible say?
Christians are those who:
   Fear God – who are aware of the reality of God and live according to his will and purpose.
   Have repented – they have realised that they have broken God’s commandments and deserve His punishment; they are sorry for their sins and have turned away from them.
   Believe in Jesus Christ – who have trusted themselves to Him alone, believing in His power and willingness to forgive them of their sins and change them.
   Have been born again –  who have received a new life from God and who know Him as the Father who they love and trust.
   Live a holy life – obeying God’s commandments, walking with Him day by day, using all their abilities to serve and please Him.